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The Raincross Gazette speaks with Riverside’s Congressman Takano

Events at the United States Capitol last Wednesday which led to the deaths of five people, have caused lawmakers to speak out against President Donald Trump and call for his removal from office before his term ends on the 20th of this month. 

Riverside’s Congressman Mark Takano (D-Calif.) was not present in the capitol building during the insurrection but sheltered in place off-site in a colleague’s office until the premises was cleared by authorities. 

“The important thing was that congress completed its job and not be stopped, interfered with, or deterred from its task of counting the votes and certifying the election,” Takano said in an interview on Sunday. “Furthermore, it’s irresponsible for us who have the responsibility to do something about this to do nothing at all,” he continued. 

Takano said he believes the nation can come out of what has been a terrible event but it is necessary that the president be barred from any future opportunity to serve in government office again. 

Yesterday, U.S. House democrats introduced their impeachment resolution and plan to vote on it tomorrow morning. 

“We need to move forward with the 25th amendment …  Each day Trump’s in office is a day with risk. To continue to believe that we can trust this man is just wrong.”