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The city’s final public workshop about Riverside housing is tonight

State law has Riverside on the hook to submit a plan this October that will increase the housing units inside city limits by approximately 26 percent over the next nine years. Tonight it your last chance to participate in the discussion about the formation of these plans.

The development of more than 18,000 Riverside homes will be discussed in tonight’s third and final Housing Element Update hosted online by the City of Riverside Community and Economic Development Department, or CEDD.

The workshop will begin at 6 p.m. via Zoom. The two-hour meetings are designed to inform residents of changes to the city’s housing needs, highlight city zones for potential home development and record the concerns of the community.

The state’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment, or RHNA, periodically reports on housing updates and new housing goals for the sake of each city’s Housing Element within their General Plan.

For the 2021-2029 Housing Element Cycle, RHNA allocated 18,415 of the state’s total housing need to Riverside. In order to make way for private developer interest, the CEDD must update Riverside’s Housing Element by October 15, 2021, solidifying available locations for the city’s allocation.

Matthew Taylor, project manager and senior planner with the CEDD, said although developing a city’s Housing Element is an obligation handed down from the state level, the residents are who they want to hear from.

“It’s done in the service of the citizenry to make sure there are opportunities for everyone to have a safe place to live, an affordable and a healthy place to live,” Taylor said.

After this evening’s workshop, Taylor and the consulting team will outline future plans for community involvement as the CEDD prepares for their project deadline.