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Riverside not to hold a Mount Rubidoux firework show

In Tuesday’s city council meeting, the council members voted 6-1 to hold this year’s Fourth of July fireworks shows at La Sierra Park and Ryan Bonaminio Park.

The Fireworks Task Force, consisting of members from Riverside Fire Department (RFD), Riverside Police Department (RPD) and Code Enforcement, presented three options for this year’s Fourth of July fireworks show. The council members opted for option two, as the two locations will aid with congestion and large gatherings and allow for viewings on opposite sides of town.

Despite a more than 25-year tradition, the Task Force did not recommend Mount Rubidoux as an event site this year due to excessive crowding and parking on narrow streets, inability to quickly evacuate in an emergency, potential delay in response time for emergency resources and the impossibility of ideal weed abatement. However, this does not mean Mount Rubidoux is out of the question for future years.

The annual fireworks show requires coordinated efforts between the following departments: the Parks, Recreation, and Community Service Department, RFD, RPD, Traffic Engineering, Arts and Cultural Affairs and Code Enforcement.

You can stream Tuesday’s city council meeting on Riverside TV.