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The Wax Lounge, Voted Riverside’s 10 Best

When and how was The Wax Lounge founded?

“The Wax Lounge began as a small skincare studio, rapidly growing its reputation for excellence in skincare services. For many years, we partnered with Riverside Community Hospital and extended our complimentary services to hospital staff to honor Nurses and Doctors’ week. We became the official, ‘unofficial’ spa of Riverside Community Hospitals. Then, we offered the same to many other hospitals in the Inland Empire and we quickly became the preferred provider of spa and skincare services. Today, we still participate and sponsor events such as the Red Dress Show and annual Health Expo at the Riverside Convention Center.”

How has your business changed from then to now?

“The Wax Lounge has definitely grown and evolved over the years with its extensive clientele spanning almost 20 years. We offer different and unique services that I think attract patrons from all over southern California and beyond.”

What do you love most about your role as owner?

“It’s a pleasure! It’s satisfying to be able to offer unique, high-quality services alongside a very knowledgeable and skilled staff to the Riverside community. We’re also proud of having built a successful company from the ground up with grit, grace, courage, hard work and determination. It’s an honor to be able to offer opportunities for professional growth, education, knowledge, skill and employment to those in the skin aesthetics industry.”

Do mostly men or women come in for services?

“About 70 percent of our clientele are women but over the years our male clientele has grown rather quickly! The modern man now has an appreciation of self-care, self-love and grooming.”

What’s your advice for those who are nervous to come in for services?

“Don’t be! We have tequila, wine, bourbon and beer. Plus, we’re the best at what we do. You will be in excellent, skilled hands and your vajayjay and fruit baskets are safe with us.”

You also sell products, are those your own brand of products? How did that start?

“Yes, we retail various lines of products including the brands Your Undercarriage and Skin Luxe & Co. Your Undercarriage was created out of something the skincare industry was lacking. In 2007, Your Undercarriage was developed to aid with beautifying ‘down-there’ skin’s tonality, evenness and simply prettiness. Skin Luxe & Co. is our regimented face and skincare line that transforms common concerns people have with their skin. It’s an amazing line that addresses acne, aging and hyperpigmentation.”

What would the aestheticians say is their favorite part about working for Wax Lounge?

“That’s a tough one because there are so many amazing things about working at The Wax Lounge. I would say though, that I think their amazing boss is at the top of that list, LOL!

“At The Wax Lounge, we have cultivated and fostered a family-work culture. Everyone is treated like family and a sense of self-reliability and independence is encouraged. The team does special things together all throughout the year, including taking holidays and vacations together, courtesy of the Wax Lounge. Everyone is made to feel special and appreciated. We also support and encourage continued education. All ideas and suggestions from the employees are always heard and taken into consideration.”

What is unique about Wax Lounge compared to other spas/waxing companies?

“We take great pride in our advanced esthetics training program. The training typically lasts for about two-to-three months, and it includes reading and studying dozens of books and Dermatology texts. Estheticians must score with passing grades in order to be considered ready to work on clients. The high skill level and knowledge that our training provides absolutely sets us apart from most estheticians. We train much more extensively than the average esthetician and what the state of California even requires from us.

“We also offer some of the most unique services for intimate areas.  We are experts at what we do and believe in maintaining high standards with the services offered and rendered.”

How did The Wax Lounge operate during COVID and what is the company looking forward to as we come out of the pandemic?

“We complied with the shutdown for the first two months as none of us knew what was going on. We then very publicly, without any political agendas, made the solid decision to open our doors and welcome whomever would like to come. 2020 was an excellent year for The Wax Lounge and we just continue to grow more each year.

“As a side note, because we were always anal-retentive, pun intended, about the sanitation of the salon and especially during services, we just continued to apply those practices throughout 2020. We steam, Clorox, and sanitize thoroughly between each client’s appointment and the staff is thoroughly trained in universal standard precautions to not only protect themselves and their families but also our clients.”

What’s your favorite part about Riverside?

“Riverside is a wonderful city that has contributed to the growth of The Wax Lounge. Although a city, it is still very small. It’s a place where you know your neighbors. It’s a quaint and charming city with still so much potential and growth. The Wax Lounge couldn’t have been so successful without the dear community of Riverside supporting us and for that we will forever be grateful.”