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This week at City Hall: Nov. 30

A city forensics report is reviewed on the SoCal Public Power Authority, and a formal policy regarding the display of flags is established.

A photo of the entrance to City Hall
City Hall located in Downtown Riverside.
The Raincross Gazette

Inclusiveness, Community Engagement, and Governmental Processes Committee

Item 2: Review of Riverside’s Participation in the SoCal Public Power Authority

On Wednesday, the committee will be receiving a draft forensic report on Riverside’s participation in the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA). The SCPPA is made up of eleven local municipal utilities and an irrigation district. They collaborate on things like planning, financing, construction, and operation of various utility projects.

The Eide Bailly business advisory firm made the report after speaking with numerous Riverside officials and after reviewing data from the SCPPA. According to their presentation, from 2009 to 2018, Riverside had $234 Million of expenses through the SCPPA, $208 Million of which they say went to power generation and transmission.

Item 3: Establishing Flag Handling and Displaying Protocols

The committee will establish a formal policy concerning the handling and display of flags at city facilities. The proposed resolution gives standards for the potential display of commemorative flags and where they can specifically be displayed in city facilities. If the resolution is passed, this would be the city’s first set of formal rules for displaying flags.