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This Week at City Hall: June 21-23

This week the council and committees will consider issues including decarbonization of new buildings, discrimination against formerly incarcerated individuals in housing, the safety of the public water system, and the 2022-2024 biennial budget.

Tuesday, June 21

City Council

Item 7 – Blue Zone Status

The council will hear a presentation by Riverside University Health System to determine whether the city is eligible to be designated as a Blue Zone community, an area in which a certain number of residents live to 100 years old or older.

Item 8 – Southern California Public Power Authority

The council will decide whether to hire a forensic accountant to investigate the city’s membership in the Southern California Public Power Authority. The cost to hire an accountant is estimated at $145,000.  

Item 21 — Fiscal Year 2022-2024 Biennial Budget

The city will vote on whether to adopt its two-year budget for the fiscal years 2022-2024. The budget for FY 2022-2023 is reported to be $1,355,280,287, and for FY 2023-2024 is reported at $1,318,136,775.

Item 26—Santa Ana River Levee Project

The council will vote whether to approve $2,606,202 in costs to construct and implement the Riverside Levee Santa Ana River Stabilization Project through December 31, 2026.

Item 31 – Purchase of cargo van

The council will consider the purchase of a Ford Transit T-350 Cargo Van equipped with closed-circuit television monitoring system from Plumbers Depot, Inc., for $400,464.26.

Item 34 — Purchase of John Deere equipment

A request has been submitted to the council to approve the purchase of several pieces of equipment including a loader and grapple bucket and two other items for $282,129.96 from the General Fund Parks Automotive Equipment Account.

Item 38 – Trails Program grant application

The council will vote whether to approve the submission of a grant application to the California State Parks Department for a recreational trail program grant at the Gage Canal. If awarded by the state, the grant application could increase the current budget for this type of project up to $1,400,000.

Item 40 — A Burrtec Waste Collection contract

A contract has been submitted to the council for solid waste collection with Burrtec Waste Industries in the amount of $6,065,834 from the Refuse Fund.

Wednesday, June 22

Community Police Review Commission

Item 3 – Background process for potential CPRC members

The commission will receive a report regarding the background process for potential Community Police Review Commission members, including access to confidential records by civilian members. The current process will be discussed, as well as the processes of cities similar to Riverside in size and demographics.

Thursday, June 23

Economic Development, Placemaking, and Branding/ Marketing Committee

Item 2 – All-electric buildings

Staff will present information to the committee regarding an ordinance requiring all newly constructed buildings of three stories or less after January 1, 2023 to be all-electric as part of the city’s decarbonization goals.

Human Relations Commission

Item 3 — Fair Chance Housing Ordinance

The commission will consider a staff presentation about the Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, which would prohibit discrimination against formerly incarcerated people in housing.

Board of Public Utilities

Item 2 — 2022 Public Water System Report on Public Health Goals

The commission will consider whether to conduct a public hearing for community input regarding the public health goals regarding the water system, specifically the maximum contaminant levels of certain substances in drinking water.