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This Week in City Hall, January 10

State race between councilmembers Cervantes and Fierro highlighted in ceremonial moment opening tonight's City Council meeting

City Hall against the snow capped mountains
Brenda Flowers

City Council is back for the new year with a relatively light agenda. The most interesting moment of Tuesday’s meeting might be the very first item on the agenda as Mayor Lock Dawson passes the ceremonial mantle of Mayor Pro Tem from Ward 3’s Councilmember Fierro to Ward 2’s Councilmember Cervantes. Both Fierro and Cervantes have announced their candidacy for the State’s 58th Assembly District seat in the 2024 election.

On the Agenda

Nearly three miles of dilapidated roads across the city may soon expect updates with $1,950,000 of funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

  • Ward 1 – Admore St. from Paige Dr. to Palmyrita Ave.
  • Ward 3 – Siera St, Granada Ave., Holbrook Way, Canoga Pl., Ensenada Way, El Molino Ave., El Camino Pl, Del Rosa Pl., and Del Monte St.
  • Ward 4 – Casa Blanca St., Evans St., and Peters St.
  • Ward 5 – Myers St. from Magnolia Ave. to Primorse Dr., and Muir Ave. from Magnolia Ave. to 200’ north of Ardisia St., Shelby Drive from California Avenue to the End of Street, Crystal Avenue from Shelby Drive to End of Street, Snowberry Street from Crystal Avenue to Monteel Place, Monteel Place from End of Street to End of Street

Council will also decide on a recommendation from the Mobility and Infrastructure Committee prohibiting commercial vehicles with more than three axles on La Sierra Avenue. Residents in La Sierra South have reported trucks cutting through their neighborhood using Cajalco Road and La Sierra Avenue to avoid the 15 and 91 interchange.