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This Week in City Hall, February 6

Council considers reallocating $1.6m of ARPA funds from broadband to parks.

In June 2021 and 2022 the City received a total of $73,535,189 from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). At the November 15, 2022 Council meeting the final spending for the second half of the ARPA funds was approved totalling $36,767,594.

At this week’s council meeting, City staff will ask Council members to approve reallocating $1,600,000 from “Broadband Grants” approved in 2021 to the Parks Maintenance Project; if approved this will bring the total for the Park Maintenance Project funding to $10,000,000.

Staff also recommends Council authorizes the City Manager “the flexibility to reallocate funds from the proposed Expenditure Plan to other similar and eligible uses should feasibility or timeliness concerns arise.”

Park projects on the list for improvements include:

  • Playground surface replacement at:
    • La Sierra Park
    • Andulka Park
    • Fairmount Park
    • Dario Vasquez
    • Reid Ball Field
    • Myra Linn Park
    • Hunt Park
    • Mt. View Park
    • Orange Terrace Lower Park
    • Bryant Park
    • Harrison Park
    • Shamel Park
    • Villegas Park
    • Washington Park
    • Highland Park
  • Playground equipment replacement at:
    • Dario Vasquez Park
    • Thundersky Park
    • Taft Park
    • Bergamont Park
    • Collette Park
    • Castleview Park
    • Harrison Park
  • HVAC equipment replacement at:
    • Solander Center
    • La Sierra Park
    • Reid Park
    • Andulka Park
    • Janet Goeske Senior Center
    • La Sierra Senior Center
    • Bryant Park
    • Fairmount Park Izaac Walton Building
    • Fairmount Park Boat House
  • Parking lot repairs at:
    • Janet Geokse Senior Center
    • Reid Park
    • La Sierra Park
    • Orange Terrace Park
    • Bryant Park
    • Fairmount Park
    • Bonaminio Park
  • Flooring replacement at:
    • Orange Terrace Park gym, banquet room, and Teen Lounge
    • Arlanza Community Center
    • Janet Geoske Senior Center Fitness Room

The complete list of park improvement projects totals at $ 12,028,000.